Sharing information with specific agencies

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners

Family dispute resolution is the legal term for services (such as mediation) that help people affected by separation or divorce to resolve disputes, including disputes about parenting arrangements for children. Mediation is provided by a range of accredited family dispute resolution practitioners including Family Relationship Centres, Legal Aid Queensland, Centacare, Uniting Care, Relationships Australia, and individuals such as lawyers, social workers, or psychologists.

A family dispute resolution practitioner must have regard for the safety and ability of both parties involved in the parenting dispute to freely negotiate in the process, when deciding if mediation can commence. Mediation is not suitable or appropriate where there are concerns about domestic and family violence or the safety of the parties and risks to children. In some instances, a family dispute resolution practitioner may require information from Child Safety to help decide whether mediation is suitable and appropriate.

Sharing information with accredited family dispute resolution practitioners

The Child Protection Act 1999, Chapter 5A, provides for the exchange of information between Child Safety, prescribed entities and service providers, to meet the protection and care needs of children and promote their wellbeing. This includes family dispute resolution practitioners where they are deciding the suitability of mediation for a separated couple where this relates to agreeing the parenting arrangements. A family dispute resolution practitioner makes the request in writing using the Chapter 5A information request – Family dispute resolution form and emailing it directly to