Inclusion stories

Queensland's Disability Plan is designed to promote access and inclusion for all Queenslanders with disability.

Achieving true inclusion relies on action not just by governments – all community and non-government organisations and sectors have a role to play.

Sharing stories about how people with disability have succeeded will also assist and encourage other businesses to follow suit.

On this page we will be championing stories that highlight the importance, benefits and outcomes of inclusion of people with disability.

Employment and Financial Security

Pathway to social enterprise

Down Syndrome Queensland was the successful organisation funded as a peak body for people with intellectual disability in Queensland.

Peak bodies funded via this program deliver accessible and disability-specific information and referral services to people with disability, their families and carers, and promote community awareness.

Find out more about peak body services and supports on the Peak Body supports webpage.

Down Syndrome Queensland are taking the first steps towards a social enterprise via their new coffee enterprise, DSQ Brew. They have collaborated with a local organisation and are developing a pathway for people with Down Syndrome to become skilled in all aspects of coffee service.

“Critical to this venture is an effective partnership with an organisation who is onboard with our vision” Darryl Steff, CEO Down Syndrome Queensland said.

“Our approach is take this one step at a time so we can refine as we progress and develop meaningful skills for people with Down Syndrome Queensland that can transfer to other employment environments and support community connectivity."

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