Application process

Before you can apply for Child Safety Officer positions, you'll first need to register for a Smartjobs account so you can receive job alert emails and apply for positions as they become available. There's no cost to register.

If you already have a Smartjobs account, simply login to apply for a position.

1. Prepare application 2. Submit application 3. Application received 4. Assessment 5. Qualifying pool 6. Interview 7. Selection and appointment.

  • Before you submit your application, make sure you have a current resume and all the mandatory documents (listed below) ready to upload.

    Mandatory documents

    As part of your application, you'll need to provide some mandatory documents, including:

    • Qualification evidence:
    • Resume and minimum of 2 referees, including email addresses. One of your referees should be your current supervisor or immediate past supervisor.
    • Driver licence.
    • passport or birth certificate to confirm your right to work in Australia.

    Additional documents (where applicable)

    • Overseas qualification assessment (certified) — degrees obtained outside Australia
    • Proof of name change (certified) — if you name on your qualification is different to that on your ID
    • Blue card — it is mandatory to have a blue card before you commence employment in a child-related role. It is recommended you lodge an application for a blue card as soon as possible to avoid any delays in commencement shoud you be offered a position with the department.

    *A certified document is a copy of the original document that a Justice of the Peace, Commission of Declarations, Police Sergeant or Solicitor has stamped and signed after viewing the original.

  • When you've uploaded the mandatory documents, you're ready to submit your application.

    Our child safety service centres are located across Queensland in metropolitan, regional and remote locations. When you apply for a Child Safety Officer position, we'll ask you to select the locations you're most interested in.

    Some locations are in demand and we offer a range of additional financial incentives and benefits you may not receive working in the city. Applications received for these locations are highly regarded.

    If you're up for a unique and life-changing adventure, working in a rural or remote community could be perfect for you.

  • When we receive your job application, we'll assess your suitability for the role. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you'll be shortlisted to progress through the next steps of the application process.

    Telephone consult

    The next step of the application process is a telephone consult so we can explain the role in more detail. Some of the things we'll talk about include the statutory obligations of the role, training, self-care and opportunities for working in remote locations (benefits, flexible work options, financial entitlements). We'll also ask for your consent to do referee checks.

    This is your first opportunity to build rapport and make a great impression by demonstrating why you want to be a Child Safety Officer.

    Referee checks

    We'll contact your referees to verify your work history, skills and capabilities in response to the role profile requirements. If any adverse comments are made by your referees, you'll be given the opportunity to respond.

    We recommend that you discuss your application with your referees so they have a clear understanding of the role you're applying for and can provide an informed response. Referees will not be contacted without your consent.

  • If we assess your application to be successful, we'll contact you for an interview.

    If you indicated on your application an interest in working in regional or remote Queensland locations, you'll likely be fast-tracked to an interview.

    If your preference is to work in the more popular locations of Brisbane and South East Queensland, your application may be placed in a qualifying pool for up to 12 months and we'll contact you for an interview as soon as a position becomes available.

  • This is your opportunity to demonstrate your strengths and attributes and take the next steps towards achieving your aspiration of helping vulnerable Queensland children and families.

    Interviews usually take between 45 to 60 minutes and will be led by a panel of at least 2 people from the child safety service centre in the location you selected on your application. You'll be asked to answer a series of structured and scenario questions.

    We encourage you to revisit our department website for information about working in child protection and prepare your responses prior to your interview.

    You won't be expected to know our internal policies or procedures. We'll ask you to demonstrate your thought processes and rationale for making decisions and your understanding of the role of a Child Safety Officer.

  • If your interview is successful, we'll contact you by phone and in writing. Congratulations! You're now joining our department as a Child Safety Officer.

    In Queensland, you must have a blue card before you commence any employment that involves working with children. If your application for a Child Safety Officer position is successful, we'll apply for a blue card for you.

    This is an exciting time in your child protection career and we appreciate it may also seem a little daunting at first. You'll be working in a close-knit and supportive team who'll guide you through the early months as you become more confident in your role.

    You'll also have access to a range of training programs that will provide you with valuable professional learning and wellbeing support to help you as a beginning Child Safety Officer.

    If you're unsuccessful, we'll contact you by phone and in writing. The interview panel may recommend that you continue to be considered for future vacancies and your application will be placed in the qualifying pool.

  • You can ask us for feedback at any stage of the application process.

    If during the screening process we assess that your application is not successful, you can ask our Recruitment team for feedback and, if applicable, advice on how to improve your application so you can reapply.

    If your interview is unsuccessful, feedback will be provided by your child safety service centre panel.