Foster carer stories

  • Melissa and Scott

    Having started their foster care journey 16 years ago, the addition of even more kids around the house has become second nature to the couple and their biological children.

  • Lou and Amelia

    Lou and Amelia started fostering as a way of experiencing caring for a child. While taking the first step was daunting at first, they've discovered the journey has brought reward and self-discovery.

  • Tahnee and Shailen

    Tahnee and Shailen started fostering after being inspired by their friends. They're now determined to improve the lives of as many children as they can.

  • Jodie

    Jodie's first experience of caring for a child melted her heart. Since then she's fostered as many children as possible, grateful for the opportunity to give them care, even for a short period of time.

  • Sandra and Rick

    Sandra and Rick had been married for 15 years with two beautiful children of their own when they decided to open their home to kids in need.

  • Uncle Allan and Cheryl

    Having been caring for Indigenous and non-Indigenous children for more than 20 years, Uncle Allan and Cheryl know it doesn't matter what age you are — foster caring is a life experience like no other.

  • Debbie and Steve

    In addition to raising five children of their own, Debbie and Steve have been fostering for over 20 years. They say it's about opening up your heart and home to children in need and doing the best you can.

  • Justin

    Nothing prepared Justin for the emotional satisfaction of being able to give children in need a safe and happy space to call home.

  • Karyn and Ron

    When Ron met Karyn, he saw the amazing difference she was making in children's lives and was inspired to get involved. Now neither can imagine their lives any differently.

  • Aunty Karmen

    After receiving help when she was younger, Aunty Karmen was determined to give back through fostering. Now she proudly ensures the First Nations children she cares for maintain a connection to their culture.

  • Joy and Anthony

    After welcoming a teenager into their home for the weekend 16 years ago, Joy and Anthony knew their lives would take on a new path.

  • Damian and Brad

    After deciding there weren't enough reasons to say no, Damian and Brad dove head-first into fostering a sibling trio - now they wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Chris and Sophiaan

    It took Chris and Sophiaan six years to make the decision to become foster carers. It only took a moment for them to know they had made the right decision.

  • Matt and Joyce

    Matt and Joyce believe that "people come into your life for a reason" and that kids come into their lives and they leave being able to count, or say the alphabet.

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