The council consists of twelve members appointed by the Minister, and includes:

  • four are carers, one of whom is a grandparent-carer
  • three are representatives from different organisations that support carers
  • one is a representative from an organisation that supports grandparent-carers
  • four are representatives from different Queensland Government departments.

A member is appointed for the term, of no more than 2 years.

Members are appointed on the basis of their:

  • personal experience as a carer or, for organisational representatives, experience in working in an organisation that supports carers
  • demonstrated awareness of the diverse issues and concerns of carers
  • demonstrated contributions to community initiatives and good community networks
  • demonstrated ability to represent the interests of carers.

Council members for the 2024-26 term

  • Ms Fritha Radyk (Carers Queensland and Chair)
  • Ms Slawka Bell (Carer)
  • Ms Melissa Williams (Carer)
  • Dr Nancy Spencer (Carer)
  • Ms Natalie Bird (Carer)
  • Ms Irene Clelland (Arafmi Limited)
  • Ms Robynne Cooper (Anglicare, Central Queensland)
  • Ms Deirdre Mulkerin (Department of Child Safety, Seniors and Disability Services)
  • Ms Tricia Matthias (Queensland Health)
  • Ms Melissa Burke (Department of Education)
  • Mr Nicholas Dwyer (Department of Justice and Attorney General)

Note: One vacancy for a representative from an organisation that supports carers exists. A recruitment process to fill the vacancy is in progress.

Role of members

The role of members includes:

  • working to advance the interests of carers and promote compliance by public authorities with the carers charter
  • making recommendations to the Minister on enhancing compliance by public authorities with the carers charter
  • providing general advice to the Minister on matters relating to carers
  • carrying out other functions as directed by the Minister.

In between official meetings, members may be invited to contribute to out-of-session consultations or working groups to address particular issues. 

Unpaid carer members of the Council are remunerated for attendance at official Council meetings and all members are reimbursed for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses associated with participating in official Council meetings in accordance with the Remuneration Procedures for Part-time Chairs and Members of Queensland Government Bodies (PDF).


The Carers (Recognition) Act 2008 provides the following definitions:

  • A carer is an individual who provides, in a non-contractual and unpaid capacity, ongoing care or assistance to another person who, because of disability, frailty, chronic illness or pain, requires assistance with everyday tasks.
  • A grandparent carer is a carer of their grandchild if the child lives with the grandparent and the grandparent is the primary care giver.

Contact information

To contact the Office For Carers, please email