Initiatives to support carers

The following initiatives have been introduced to support carers in their caring role:

  • the Carer (Recognition) Act 2008 (Qld) recognises the valuable contribution carers make to the people they care for and the social and economic benefit carers provide to the community. The Act sets out requirements for public authorities to recognise and support carers through services to carers and the people they care for, and also for employees of public authorities who undertake a caring role, specifically through:
  • The Carer Business Discount Card is a concession card that provides eligible carers with discounts on goods and services from participating businesses. This scheme is a partnership between the state government and businesses across Queensland.
  • The Companion Card promotes fair ticketing for people with a disability who need significant assistance from a companion to attend activities and venues in their community. This card will enable people with a disability to have the same opportunities for participation and recreation as other community members.
  • Community Services and Seniors is Queensland’s main government contact point for carers' issues. The office actively engages with other government departments, non-government organisations and the community to raise awareness about carers and embed Carers Charter principles in government and community activity. It also provides secretariat support to the Queensland Carers Advisory Council.

Disability, Seniors and Carers

Disability, Seniors and Carers is Queensland’s main government contact point for carers’ issues. It has a key role in assisting Queensland Government departments and statutory authorities to ensure their employees have awareness and understanding of the Government's carers' policies. They can be contacted on:


Postal address: Disability, Seniors and Carers, Department of Child Safety, Seniors and Disability Services, GPO Box 806 Brisbane Qld 4001

If you need information about direct supports and services for carers, you can contact:

Phone: 13 QGOV (13 74 68) (toll-free within Australia)

TTY: 07 3896 3471; 1800 010 222

Support for carers

Disability Online, the Queensland Government’s portal for people with a disability, as well as their carers, friends and family, has information about services that support carers. You can visit the Disability Online website, and find out about: