Child Safety

  • Protecting children

    Understand child abuse and its types including child sexual abuse. How to prevent and report child abuse. How we respond to reports of child abuse. Read the Child safety practice manual.

  • About child protection

    Learn about child protection, how to report and refer concerns, what is mandatory reporting, rights of parents, roles and responsibilities, improving care and post care for children and young people, child protection legislation and history, efficient and accountable system, access the child protection guide.

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families

    Learn how we are addressing the over representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in care.

  • Children and young people in care

    Learn about your rights as a child or young person in care, how to express your views and opinions, and who to contact if you need help or support.

  • Foster and kinship care

    Learn how to how to become a foster carer and access resources and training if you are already a foster carer.

  • Parents and families

    Find out how we can assist parents and families raising children and what support is available when your child is in care.

  • Adoption

    Explore the process of adopting a child in Queensland and the changes made to the Adoption Act 2009 in 2016.

  • Disability supports and NDIS

    Find out how a child or young person in care with disability can get access to disability supports.

  • Child safety service centres

    Child safety service centres contact details.

  • Resources and publications

    Access resources that relate to child protection.