Have a say and be heard

Children and young people have the right to take part in decisions that have an impact on their lives. They must be listened to and supported to express their views.

This includes:

  • being given information they need to take part in a way that's easy to understand
  • getting support to have their say
  • choosing how they wish to take part in making decisions — for example, speaking for themselves, writing or recording their thoughts, having someone with them to help them say what they want to say, or having someone they trust explain for them
  • being listened to, having what they say recorded and considered when decisions are made
  • talking to their Child Safety Officer if their feelings about something they have said changes.

If a child or young person chooses not to have a say in a decision or can't take part in making a decision, their Child Safety Officer will explore other ways to understand their thoughts about a decision. This could be talking to a person who is close to the child or young person.