Learning journal

The learning journal (PDF, 223 KB) learning journal (DOCX, 313 KB) is an opportunity for the foster carer to reflect on their role as a carer and look for opportunities for learning and skill development.

Why should foster carers keep journals?

Writing in a journal can inhibit self-consciousness and is a less formal, less threatening way for carers to discuss issues in ways they may not do so in one-to-one situations.

  • Journal entries can provide tangible evidence of mental processes. They make thoughts visible and concrete, giving a way to interact with, elaborate on, and expand ideas.
  • Journals are tools for growth through reflection, as it is not enough just to observe and record experiences, but important to make meaning our experiences.

Source: Kerka, S. (1996). Journal writing and adult learning, ERIC Digest, 174. Retrieved 06 October 2008.