Starting out training

Following initial approval as a foster carer, our department or licensed care service providing support to the foster carer will ensure that each foster carer has an individualised learning plan, recorded as part of their Foster Carer Agreement.

In conjunction with planned support, our department or licensed care service will ensure that the foster carer successfully completes the three standard training modules within 12 months of initial approval as a foster carer.

  • Each foster carer must satisfactorily complete worksheet questions at the end of each module.
  • An outcome of competent/not competent will be recorded for each foster carer and when competency is achieved in each of the training modules, participants will receive a Standard training - statement of achievement certificate.
  • Each foster carer may also complete four learning journals to demonstrate practical application of knowledge and skills gained from the modules and through their experience of providing care to a child or young person placed with them. Learning journals are discretionary and may be used by carers who prefer a reflective style of learning.

Completion of the standard training is a prerequisite for a foster carer's renewal of approval at the end of the first 12 month period of approval.

  • Training modules

    Each module includes a session plan, slides, handouts, assessment worksheets and evaluation form.

  • Water safety awareness

    Water safety awareness for all foster and kinship carers, regardless of whether they, their home or property has a pool, spa, creek, dam or access to any body water.

  • Hope and healing

    The Hope and Healing foster carer training is trauma-informed therapeutic training for foster carers. It consists of 11 modules, which will be available as both an online self-paced learning environment for foster carers as well as in an offline setting for in person delivery when required by agencies.