Foster and kinship carers of children with disability

Child Safety works with families, carers, the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), mainstream Queensland Government Agencies and service providers to ensure children and young people with disability across all child protection phases have access to disability supports to meet their needs.

NDIS support for children and young people in care

We are responsible for ensuring all eligible children and young people in care with a disability or developmental delay can access the NDIS and receive NDIS support where eligible.

For children under 9 years with development concerns or disability we support them and their family and carers to access supports through the NDIS Early Childhood Approach (ECA) delivered by Early Childhood Partners. The partner will provide support to connect with mainstream and community supports and apply to the NDIS for children with a disability who are likely to be eligible. For a child who is younger than 6 they may also provide direct capacity building in the form of 'early supports'.

After a child or young person's NDIS access is confirmed, we support them and their family and carers through all stages of the NDIS process, including:

  • preparation for planning
  • plan development
  • plan implementation
  • monitoring, and
  • review.

Child Safety's preference is to use providers who are registered with the NDIA to make sure they are safe and quality providers.

Foster and kinship carers play a key role at all stages of the NDIS process. This includes in relation to:

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