Have a decision reviewed

If children and young people feel that a decision made by Child Safety is wrong, they can apply to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) to review the decision. This could be a decision made about:

  • who they should live with
  • whether their parents know where they are living
  • the amount and type of contact they have with their family
  • other care arrangements.

Children and young people must contact QCAT within 28 days from the time Child Safety sends a letter to them about the decision that has been made.

Children and young people can also ask an adult they trust to help them speak to QCAT. This could be their carer, Community Visitor, youth worker or child safety officer.

A Child Advocate from the Office of the Public Guardian can help them make an application to QCAT.

Once the application has been made, QCAT will organise for everyone involved to have their say and help them try to work out the problem. If the problem can't be worked out, QCAT will make a decision. QCAT may agree with the decision made by Child Safety or change the decision.

Call: (07) 3225 8346 or 1300 753 228 (if you live outside Brisbane)

To make an application: QCAT - Children and young people