About child protection

Child Safety Services is dedicated to protecting children and young people who have been harmed, or are at risk of harm.

It is immaterial how harm to a child or young person is caused. What is important, in terms of whether a child is in need of protection, is whether a child or young person:

  • has suffered significant harm, is suffering significant harm, or is at risk of suffering significant harm
  • does not have a parent or carer able and willing to protect the child from harm.

The department's role in protecting children and young people is to:

  • investigate concerns that a child or young person has been harmed or is at risk of significant harm
  • provide ongoing services to children and young people who are experiencing, or are at risk of experiencing significant harm.

The causes of harm to children and young people are numerous. These can have a detrimental effect on a child or young person's physical or emotional health, development and wellbeing.

When the child's parents are unable or unwilling to protect them, child protection services may be needed. Protecting children at risk of harm requires immediate and serious attention.

Effective protection of children relies on concerned community members reporting their concerns. This needs to occur in a timely way to prevent concerns becoming more serious.

If you are concerned that a child has been harmed or is at risk of harm, please report the suspected child abuse.

  • Reporting and referring concerns

    If you have concerns for a child or family, you can make a referral to Family and Child Connect, or report your concerns to Child Safety, depending on the seriousness of your concerns.

  • Mandatory reporting

    Identifies the people required by law to report harm or suspected harm to a child.

  • Parents' rights

    Families have the primary responsibility for the upbringing, protection and development of their children.

  • Roles and responsibilities

    The roles and responsibilities of staff at a child safety service centre contribute to the delivery of high quality child protection services to children, young people and their families.

  • Improving care and post-care for children and young people

    Queensland Government initiatives for children and young people in care and post-care.

  • Child protection legislation

    The Child Protection Act 1999 is the legal framework guiding Child Safety Services in child protection.

  • History of child protection

    Details the history of child protection legislation reform in Queensland.

  • An accountable, transparent and cost-effective system

    Services provided to vulnerable children and families will be high quality and provided in an efficient, transparent and accountable manner.

  • National approach to child protection

    The national approach to child protection project is tasked with developing a national theoretical framework for child protection and early intervention.

  • Child Protection Guide

    The Child Protection Guide (CPG) is a web-based decision support tool collaboratively developed across both the government and non-government sector.

  • Unify

    In partnership with the Department of Youth Justice, we have commenced a 4-year program called Unify to replace the current Integrated Client Management System and transform the way it does business.