Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

We need you to help us make the change from within. Where it's needed the most.

The work we do at child and Family Services isn't easy. Sometimes, we're seen as the villains rather than the heroes. But keeping children with kin is our number one goal, and here, you'll be working with families and communities to keep kids safe while staying connected to their family, community, culture and identity.

Despite being the traditional owners of our nation, we're deeply unsettled by the systemic inequalities that disproportionately affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, leading to the disproportionate representation of their children in our sector. And we're well aware that many adults who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander may view our departments intervention as a source of conflict.

At the most stressful time in people's lives, you'll be a face they can identify with and a voice they can trust. And you'll be given a seat at the table to change policies and enact reforms that will shape a better future.

Working as a Child Safety Officer is a real opportunity to influence Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families to make positive changes and have better life outcomes.

This is a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and experience for a rewarding career as a Child Safety Officer.

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