Regional Intake Services

If you have a reason to suspect a child in Queensland is experiencing harm, or is at risk of experiencing harm, you need to contact a Child Safety Services’ Regional Intake Service.

Trained child protection workers talk to you about your concerns for the child. They will record information you provide and gather other information that may be helpful in assessing the situation. The worker will then decide the best way of responding to the information you have provided.

When you contact a Regional Intake Service to report your concerns, your details will be confidential and your identity, if provided, will be protected by law.

A Regional Intake Service receives information and child protection concerns from community members, government and non-government agencies during business hours (from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday).

Outside of these hours, you can contact the Child Safety After Hours Service Centre on phone freecall 1800 177 135 (Queensland only).

Contact your local Regional Intake Service during business hours on:

Brisbane and Moreton Bay

Work1300 682 254

Far North Queensland

Work1300 684 062

North Queensland

Work1300 706 147

South East

(Logan, Gold Coast and Bayside)

Work1300 679 849

South West (Darling Downs)


Work1300 683 390

South West (West Moreton)


Work1800 316 855

Sunshine Coast and Central Queensland

Work1300 703 762