Child safety

For parents

If you are concerned about your child's wellbeing, please talk to your Child Safety Officer (CSO) about how you want to be kept informed of your child's care during this time.

If your child becomes unwell, your CSO will contact you and the child's network to ensure appropriate medical attention. We will follow advice recommended by Queensland Health and contact you as soon as possible.

For foster and kinship carers

If you have concerns about how COVID-19 may impact you and the child or young person in your care, please discuss them with your foster and kinship care agency.

You can also contact your local Child Safety service centre or the Foster and Kinship Care Support Line on 1300 729 309.

The Carer Connect app will help ensure information about a child's needs is shared quickly with you. We encourage you to download the app if you have not done so already.

For service providers

If you have concerns about how COVID-19 may impact your organisation or your clients, please contact your contract manager and ensure your business continuity plans are up-to-date and are followed.

If the contracted obligations of your organisation are impacted by COVID-19, please contact your contract manager in writing promptly, and advise how service delivery has been affected and what strategies you are implementing to minimise the impact. We will work with you to manage an agreed way forward.

Any changes to contracts and deliverables will need to be discussed with your contract manager and take into account any health directions where someone connected to your service is confirmed to have contracted COVID19 or is self-isolating on medical advice.

For organisations delivering services to children in care, directly or indirectly, please follow Queensland Health's COVID-19 in Queensland health advice and seek medical advice as appropriate.

Useful information

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