Self-Assessable - Quality requirements and resources

This information applies to organisations that are required to demonstrate compliance with HSQF through a self-assessment against the Human Services Quality Standards (the standards).

Self-assessment generally applies for non-direct service delivery and/or to universal or low-intensity service delivery and where the level of investment meets a set threshold. The Human Services Quality Framework details the service types that are self-assessable. The funding threshold for self-assessment is described below.

Organisations in this category undertake a self-assessment to rate their performance against the standards. Self-assessment indicates that standards are being met and identified improvements are being implemented.

Organisations required to complete a self-assessment should use the resources available below.

Funding Threshold for Self-Assessment

Organisations delivering services that would normally be in-scope for certification (as detailed in the Human Services Quality Framework Version 9.0), which receive total annual defined-term/ongoing funding that falls within the funding threshold for self-assessment outlined below, will only be required to undertake a self-assessment. These organisations are not required to complete an independent third-party audit. Organisations that receive funding less than the threshold for self-assessment are generally exempt from demonstrating compliance with HSQF.

The funding thresholds outlined below are reviewed annually considering factors such as indexation. These funding thresholds also apply to organisations demonstrating compliance with HSQF through accreditation under another set of quality standards.

Demonstration method Funding thresholds
Total annual defined-term/ongoing funding for services in-scope of certification



Not required to demonstrate compliance Less than $101,500 pa Less than $104,500 pa Less than $112,000 pa
Self-assessment $101,500 up to $267,000 pa $104,500 up to $275,000 pa $112,000 up to $295,000 pa
Independent audit and certification More than $267,000 pa More than $275,000 pa More than $295,000 pa

Additional notes about the funding threshold for self-assessment:

  • The threshold does not apply when organisations deliver service types that are subject to specific regulatory requirements including child protection placement services in-scope of licensing, disability services using restrictive practices, domestic and family violence perpetrator intervention programs and women's shelters for women and children escaping domestic and family violence. These services are required to be certified regardless of the funding level.
  • The thresholds outlined above apply to funding for services that would normally be in-scope for certification funded by participating departments. Organisations with funding that meets the threshold for self-assessment, which receive additional funding for service types that are self-assessable, will only be required to undertake self-assessment. For example, an organisation that receives funding of $200,000 for Targeted Family Support Services (in-scope for certification but meets funding threshold for self-assessment) as well as funding of $220,000 for a Neighbourhood Centre (self-assessable), will only be required to undertake a self-assessment.
  • The thresholds do not apply to services funded by Queensland Health and funding from Queensland Health is not included in the calculation of funding thresholds.