Child and Family Queensland

The Child and Family Queensland Facebook page is managed by the Queensland Department of Child Safety, Seniors and Disability Services.

Reporting child abuse

If you have a reason to suspect a child in Queensland is experiencing harm, or is at risk of experiencing harm or being neglected, contact Child Safety Services and talk to someone about your concerns:

  • During normal business hours - contact Regional Intake Services.
  • After hours and on weekends - contact the Child Safety After Hours Service Centre on 1800 177 135. The service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Any reports of child abuse submitted to the Facebook page will be escalated to the relevant Regional Intake Service, however, for privacy reasons, we recommend submitting reports directly to the services. Staff at these services are professionally trained in child protection and they are skilled in dealing with information about harm or risk of harm to children.

Comments guideline

This is an open forum and we encourage everyone to participate in open and constructive conversation about themes relevant to Queensland children and families. We aim to provide a supportive online community that is built on courtesy, kindness and respect.

We monitor this page from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm (AEST) Monday to Friday to ensure our community members are not exposed to offensive language, discrimination or manipulative or predatory content.

We encourage you to share your views, but we will remove content that breaches any of the following guidelines. This includes text, graphics, video, GIFs, links and any other content which is posted to the page.

  • No profanity, obscenity or vulgarity
  • No political content such as comments and links
  • No content that could be considered prejudicial, racist or inflammatory
  • No posts that divert conversations away from the topic or in a deliberately antagonistic direction
  • No gratuitously violent or sexually explicit or offensive terms and imagery
  • Do not defame an individual or group of people
  • Do not name call and/or make personal attacks
  • Do not repetitiously post a single comment on a single post, or a number of posts
  • Do not post unintelligible content
  • Do not falsely represent another individual, organisation, government or entity
  • Do not infringe copyright or intellectual property rights
  • Do not disclose personal information that identifies an individual - including the commenter (e.g. email addresses, phone numbers or private addresses)
  • Do not identify a child in care or in the youth justice system even if they're not named (e.g. you cannot identify that your niece or nephew is in care)
  • Do not identify a child or children at risk of harm, even if they're not in the care or youth justice systems
  • Do not identify Child Safety Officers or other department staff
  • Do not promote a commercial product, service, business, company or organisation.

If a comment causes us to be concerned for the welfare or safety of an individual, we will respond via private message with information about options for addressing those concerns.

We reserve the right to update this policy at any time.

Repeated violations of these guidelines may result in the denial of access to this page.


All content published on the Facebook web platform is governed by Facebook's privacy policy. As users agree to these conditions by registering as a Facebook user any content published on the Facebook website or app, is subject to Facebook's terms and conditions which override the Queensland Government's Privacy Policy. As the department cannot be held responsible for content you choose to share on this page, to protect your privacy we recommend you do not disclose personally identifying information about yourself or others.

Comments posted and messages received through this page may be archived by the department for recordkeeping purposes. Any messages received about children at risk of harm will be escalated to Child Safety services, however, we recommend these reports are made to the official channels listed above and are not submitted via Facebook.

For further information or questions please contact