Event calendar

We provide the opportunity for organisations to publicise their events, festivals and project activities that have a multicultural focus through our events calendar. Those published are compiled and maintained using the information provided to us by the coordinating organisation. It is the responsibility of the coordinating organisation to provide us with any updates or changes to the event so that these can be reflected accurately in the events calendar.

Event calendar.

Event registration

What type of events can you submit?

While we support and encourage the participation of events, festivals and project activities that enhance community and economic participation, we reserve the right not to publish events that do not meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • strengthen the sense of belonging for Queenslanders regardless of race, religion or cultural background
  • promote and encourage community cohesion and harmony
  • support education and mentoring for people from culturally diverse backgrounds including tertiary education expos and industry engagement seminars
  • promote acceptance of cultural diversity
  • provide information about cultural diversity in Queensland
  • provide opportunities to foster a greater understanding of Queensland’s various races, religions or cultural background.

In the situation where an event, festival or project activity is deemed unsuitable for publishing, we will notify the coordinating organisation in writing.

Add or update an event

Please note: If your event or festival is funded under the Celebrating Multicultural Queensland (CMQ) Program, it is automatically added to the events calendar. If you need to notify us of any updates or changes to the event details, you must submit these by email

For events that are not funded under the CMQ program, please complete the event registration form if you would like details to be considered for publishing on the events calendar or to update existing event information.

Event registration form.

Planning an event?

COVID Safe event requirements

Please note, event organisers are required to follow COVID safe practices when planning their events. Requirements vary depending on the scale and nature of different events. Event organisers should regularly check the Queensland Government’s COVID-19 website for the latest advice on COVID Safe event requirements.

Events in Queensland, Best Practice Guidelines for event delivery in Queensland

To assist event organisers, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC) has produced Events in Queensland, Best Practice Guidelines for event delivery in Queensland.

The document outlines guiding principles for event organisers interacting with the Queensland Government and local government authorities to enable them to successfully plan and manage an event. While the guidelines are targeted toward medium sized events, they could be used for most event types. DPC has also produced a range of supporting template documents to assist event and festival organisers. They cover aspects such as the event budget along with event management, marketing and communications, risk management and event site plans.

Queensland events guide

Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) have produced the Queensland events guide (PDF) (PDF) to encourage, foster and develop events in Queensland.

The comprehensive resource has been designed to assist local event organisers through the various phases of an event’s lifecycle, to ensure they are equipped to stage the best event possible. It provides advice on everything leading up to an event, event delivery and sustainability, through to post-event activities, whilst highlighting the important link between events and tourism.


  • Event calendar

    Event calendar

  • Event registration

    To add or update an event, festival or project, the coordinating organisation is required to complete the event registration form.