Multicultural Affairs Queensland mailing list and Resource Directory

The department may provide your contact details to other Queensland Government Departments and Ministerial offices for the purpose of sending invitations to luncheons for a visiting Ambassador, or invitations for consultations or social events.

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Be listed in the Multicultural Resource Directory

The Multicultural Resource Directory provides a comprehensive listing of more than 900 key organisations with multicultural community focus in Queensland including:

  • multicultural media outlets and schools
  • community, non-government and government organisations and agencies
  • Consuls
  • migrant and refugee service organisations
  • bilateral business associations
  • interstate multicultural offices

The directory does not include private businesses. Please refer to the eligibility guidelines before completing this form.

If you choose to be added to the directory, you are providing your consent to be included in the publicly available resource directory. Your details will only be listed online if you specifically request inclusion.

Please complete the form if you would like to include your organisation in the directory.

Search the directory

You can search the online directory to find multicultural organisations near you, by organisation name, subject, cultural group and region.

Updates received from organisations are reflected nightly in the online, searchable directory.

Update my details

If you need to update your existing directory listing, please:

Be aware of possible cyber security Phishing threats

With an increase in cyber security attacks across the world and in Australia during 2020, particularly during the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to stay alert against cyber security threats like Phishing emails.

Hackers are increasingly accessing organisation or personal information from publicly facing platforms or websites, in an effort to gain information about people and organisations that may be a suitable target for possible cyber-attacks.

Hackers use this information to send malicious emails (also referred to as Phishing emails) to try and gain passwords or may attach links that may contain a computer virus.

The Queensland Multicultural Resource Directory provides a feely available comprehensive listing of more than 900 key organisations with multicultural community focus across Queensland.

As your organisation’s name and contact details appear on the Queensland Multicultural Resource Directory, this type of information could be a possible target for hackers in the current environment.

As part of the Department’s due diligence, we wanted to bring this to your attention and share some cyber security protection awareness information which is important to know and share with your members to provide an awareness to current cyber security threats.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre publishes awareness information on understanding Phishing and scam emails as well as other types of cyber security threats and we encourage you to view and share this information with your members as an awareness exercise against cyber security threats: