Policy and governance

  • Multicultural Recognition Act 2016

    The Multicultural Recognition Act 2016 promotes development of Queensland as a united, harmonious and inclusive community with opportunities for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to participate in all aspects of life in our state.

  • Multicultural Policy and Action Plan

    'Our story, our future' is the Queensland Government's multicultural policy that, together with its 3-year action plan, promotes an inclusive, harmonious and united Queensland. Agencies with actions in the plan are required to report publicly on their progress on an annual basis.

  • Multicultural Queensland Advisory Council

    Established under the Multicultural Recognition Act 2016, the Multicultural Queensland Advisory Council provides advice to the Minister for Multicultural Affairs on opportunities and barriers facing people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and how to promote the Multicultural Queensland Charter.

  • Multicultural Queensland Charter

    The Multicultural Queensland Charter, established under the Multicultural Recognition Act 2016, is a statement of our values and aspirations, recognising our long and rich history of diversity and the strength it provides for our shared future.

  • Language Services Policy

    Language services, such as interpreters, aim to provide people who have difficulties communicating in English with the same access to services and programs as English-speaking Queenslanders.