Tools and resources

  • The quick 10 questions

    Answer these 10 questions to see how age-friendly your organisation is and then get advice on how to improve.

  • Top tips for business

    Check out our tips for age-friendly businesses including design, experience, communication and marketing, sound and lighting, comfort and what other businesses are doing.

  • Eight domains assessment checklist

    Consider these questions in relation to your community and start thinking about how you can provide different or better services for older people.

  • Business self-assessment tool

    Try this simple self-assessment tool to see how your business stacks up when it comes to being age-friendly.

  • Customer journey tool

    Find out about the journey your customers or clients take when deciding to take up a new service or product.

  • Sample survey of older people

    Use this survey tool to begin your baseline assessment process. Use it again during your evaluation process and compare your results.

  • Talking to older people tool

    Put yourself in an older person’s shoes. Here are some suggested topics and questions when you are talking to older people.

  • Partnership types tool

    Use this tool to help you consider what type of partnerships will best suit your organisation.

  • Sample action plan template

    Consider using this template when you are developing your action plan.

  • Sample action planning workshop questions

    Use these questions in a workshop with either internal or external stakeholders and feed this information into your action plan.

  • Chatterbox tool

    Use this chatterbox to start a fun conversation about ageing with your work colleagues and team.

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Queensland: an age-friendly community toolkit

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