Sample action planning workshop questions

You can use these questions in a workshop with either internal or external stakeholders and feed this information into your action plan.

  • How do we make our community more accessible and user friendly for our ageing populations?
  • How can we make our town more attractive for older tourists?
  • How can we work with local businesses to create a more age-friendly community?
  • How can we develop better products and services for this growing demographic, or improve on our current offering?
  • How do we make our premises more attractive and accessible to the ageing population?
  • How can we improve our bottom line and be more socially responsible by being age-friendly?
  • How can we access funding to improve the age-friendliness of our organisation?
  • How can we create partnerships with other like-minded organisations?

Resources available

Printable versions of this resource and many others are available for download in the Queensland: an age-friendly community toolkit.

Download document

Queensland: an age-friendly community toolkit

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