The 2019 B.OLD films

The B.OLD films celebrate the active and vibrant roles play in our lives, workplaces and communities.

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En Pointe

Transcript (DOCX, 13 KB)

A 72-year old ballet dancer shares her life journey and love of dance. Her life lessons are now benefiting her young granddaughter as she discovers that dance is more than artistic expression. Dance is a foundation for meeting the challenges the granddaughter will face in a world more complex than the one her grandmother grew up in.


  • Tamara Hall, Director/Editor
  • Jed Cahill, Producer
  • Ana Maria Barreto, Production Assistant
  • Davud Karadag, Director of Photography
  • Daniel Poulton, 1st Assistant Camera
  • Callum Welsh, Key Grip/Gaffer
  • Scott Storor, Audio/Sound Engineer
  • Jack Bass, Camera Operator
  • Bailey Hill, Best Boy
  • Zane Taprell, Best Boy
  • Maxwell Curtis, Camera Production Assistant
  • Tristan Solar Young, Camera Production Assistant
  • Di Wilson, feature character
  • June Wilson, supporting character

Keeping up with the Joan-ses

Transcript (DOCX, 13 KB)

Geo’s new neighbour is awesome… a little too awesome… it’s actually tiring how awesome she is. When Geo tells her friend Tiff all about her neighbour Joan, Tiff can’t help but imagine an impossibly beautiful and confident young woman. She’s mostly right.


  • Andrew Stennett, Writer/Director
  • Dee Dimmick, Writer/Producer

Never Stop Playing

Transcript (DOCX, 14 KB)

Uncle Bill Lawton, is an Aboriginal elder of the Bidjara people and local music legend who, at 86, still travels central Queensland playing at country music festivals, charity events and local gigs. Uncle Bill's endless stamina proves that age is no barrier as we watch him play with his original band, the Country Cousins, jam in the garage with his family and share yarns of years gone by. As long as he has his guitar and never stops playing, he will always be around. 


  • Ljudan Michaelis-Thorpe, Writer/Director/Co-producer
  • Bobbi-lea Dionysius, Co-producer/Editor
  • Guy Mansfield, Director of Photography
  • Uncle Bill Lawton, feature character

No Bones Jones

Transcript (DOCX, 13 KB)

Music doesn’t age, it just becomes classic. Moe “No bones” Jones has always been a music man. Now that he’s older, he’s started to feel his time has passed. That is, until his granddaughter Jess looks at performing herself. Jess has her own life challenges to get past, which provides the catalyst to get Moe back on track, and to reinvigorate the philosophy he has always lived by - “You don’t get old and stop, you stop and get old.”


  • Graham Young, Producer
  • Peter Blackburn, Writer/Director/Producer
  • Brian Lowe, Cinematographer
  • Sian Laycock, Art Director

Powering on: Looking forward, never back

Transcript (DOCX, 13 KB)

(formerly known as The Mantra of Wise John)

While others may spend their retirement with their feet up, John Rigby likes to keep busy. He trains at the gym most days, runs regularly and is still actively researching in the field of paleobotany (the study of fossilised plants). A recent cancer diagnosis seemed like it may derail John’s dreams of defending his body building title and unearthing the next great discovery, but it wasn’t enough to keep John Down. Find out what keeps him powering on: looking forward, never back.


  • Jeremy Rigby, Producer, Writer and Research
  • James Hyams, Director, Writer, Cameraman and Editor
  • Leelyn Cruddas, Sound
  • Simon Woolnough, Second Camera
  • John Rigby, Feature character

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Transcript (DOCX, 13 KB)

After an audition, a group of older actors refuse to be typecast and make their own film.


    • Tara Wardrop, Producer
    • Helen Morrison, Writer/Producer
    • Brett Davis, Writer/Director
    • Mark Broadbent, Director of Photography
    • Kristie Yates, Production Manager
    • Jaden Brown, 1st Assistant Director
    • Nicholas Rowan, Production Sound Mixer
    • Rhianna Malezer, Production Designer
    • Tane Matheson, Editor and Composer

These Walls

Transcript (DOCX, 12 KB)

(formerly known as Underestimated)

Julia, a protective single parent who works night shifts to make ends meet, worries that her ageing mother, Valerie, may no longer be capable of looking after her son, Eric, after school. But Julia is unaware of the enduring bond that has formed between her mother and her son through their shared love of creative expression through street art.


  • Susanna van Aswegen, Writer and Director
  • Jessica Dee, Producer and 1st Assistant Director
  • Liam Bigler, Director of Photography and Editor
  • Jacob Duroux, Production Designer
  • Damon Sheridan, Sound Recordist & Designer


  • Cate Feldman – Valerie
  • Oscar Bailey – Eric
  • Candice Hall - Julia


Transcript (DOCX, 12 KB)

Fran has always been the invisible force that keeps her family and community running smoothly. Only recently she has decided she must make the time to do something for herself. Fighting the temptation to submit to the familiar beck and call of family and colleagues, she boards her plane to adventure. But when she arrives at her destination alone, her fears threaten to overwhelm her and she begins to melt into the background once more. If Fran is ever going to be seen, she’ll have to take a bold step into the unknown.

Invisible is no longer an option.


  • Dayna Yates, Producer
  • Luis Bran, Director
  • Freya wright-Brough, Writer
  • Brendan Shambrook, Director of Photography
  • Velvet Chitham, Production Designer
  • Ben Russell, Editor

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