Values and key features

Values associated with abuse prevention

A commitment to human rights strengthens abuse prevention in disability services. These values guide services to create workplace practices that prevent abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Clients of a disability service have the right to be free from abuse and the fear of abuse. This is the key value that underpins prevention.

Other values linked with prevention of abuse, neglect or exploitation in disability services include:

  • people with disability are valued as individuals
  • the personal dignity and rights of individual clients are respected
  • the security, safety and welfare of clients are essential
  • intentional and unintentional abuse, neglect and exploitation is unacceptable
  • clients have the right to receive the best possible services.

Key features of abuse prevention

The Checklist of key features for abuse prevention (PDF, 70 KB) details service and system features that prevent abuse, neglect and exploitation. It can be used to assess the quality of preventative measures. Results should improve service delivery and guide future policy and practice development.

Other areas of service operation also assist in preventing abuse, neglect and exploitation, including:

  • general employment and workplace practices
  • recruitment processes that ensure the integrity and character of candidates and deter potential abusers
  • appropriate privacy legislation, principles and regulations
  • duty of care principles
  • staff/workplace safety principles, regulations and practices.