Case planning

Where there will be ongoing intervention with a child, young person and their family, a case plan will be developed to address their protection and care needs.

What is a case plan?

The initial case plan for a child or young person will be developed at a family group meeting.

This is an inclusive and participative process that includes the child, young person, their family and other significant people in the development of the case plan.

The case plan provides a clear statement about why the child or young person is in need of protection and the roles and responsibilities of all participants in addressing their protection and care needs.

Case planning is about mapping a way forward for a child or young person. Case plans are goal directed and clearly identify outcomes, key actions and how the progress of the plan will be measured.

The Childrens Court cannot grant a final Child Protection Order unless an appropriate case plan has been prepared for a child.

  • Service referrals

    Case plans are developed to address the protection and care of children or young people involved in ongoing intervention.