Equity and Diversity Plan

The Department is committed to reflecting the diversity of the communities we serve. As such, there is a strong focus on employing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and people with lived experience of disability.

We are committed to supporting our diverse workforce to be able to bring their whole self to work, supporting people across the spectrum of cultural backgrounds, languages, sexualities and genders, disability, neurotypes and lived experience.

To do this we will:

Lead: Build leadership capabilities to develop and model inclusive, authentic and compassionate leadership.

Advance: Learn together and raise awareness of ways to advance the department’s ability to foster an inclusive work environment.

Value: Support our staff through collaborative design of strategic solutions which value and leverage the advantages diversity provides.

The Equity and Diversity Plan 2023–2024 (PDF, 240 KB) Equity and Diversity Plan 2023–2024 (DOCX, 170 KB) provides the foundations for future work. These actions will be reviewed and refreshed annually to ensure they remain relevant and appropriate to the changing needs of the department.

The department’s Inclusion Strategy 2024–26 (PDF, 339 KB) Inclusion Strategy 2024–26 (DOCX, 392 KB), sets a vision of inclusion for DCSSDS and will be incorporated into the next iteration of the Equity and Diversity Plan.