Child protection support services

Child Protection Support Services provide assistance to children and young people who are referred by Child Safety Services for a range of interventions that focus on assessed needs. Support services and individual interventions provided by non-government organisations are coordinated by Child Safety Service Centre staff based on case plan goals.

These services are primarily targeted at children and young people to reduce their emotional distress, improve their relationships (with carers, peers and family), learn new skills in coping with the challenges of daily life, and improve problem solving skills and overall wellbeing.

The key objectives of Child Protection Support Services are to:

  • increase the stability of out-of-home care placements
  • deliver specialist sexual abuse counselling services for children and young people and their non-offending family members and/or carers
  • provide mental health therapeutic interventions for children and young people
  • support families and/or carers where our ongoing intervention is required
  • support young people transitioning from statutory care.

Child Protection Support services provide counselling, emotional support and practical assistance to children and carers, and assist other family members at times of emotional distress, or where the conduct of a carer or parent causes disruption to the child's living situation.