Output funding and reporting

The Outputs and Performance Measures Catalogue includes outputs, counting rules and examples for reporting on outputs. It also includes outcome measures, throughputs, demographic data and other measures. Counting rules and examples for these measures are also in the catalogue.

Output funding

In simple terms, an output is goods or services delivered to someone else which generates a desired outcome.

Service providers transform resources (inputs) into services (outputs) and the impact of these outputs on individuals, groups and the community are the outcomes of the service.

Funding for output-based service provision is focussed on the service provided (output) to the service user. The funding is allocated to produce the output.

Performance framework for funded services

The department has adopted a framework to guide the way in which it responds to the performance of funded organisations.

The framework establishes principles that should underpin the way in which contract officers respond to either exceptional performance or sustained under-performance by funded service providers.

It seeks to ensure that the contractual relationships between the department and providers is managed equitably, transparently and consistently.

Implementation of the framework should be underpinned by a strong, mutually respectful relationship between the contract manager and the funded provider, where performance discussions can occur regularly with a focus on continuous improvement.

A summary of the framework (PDF, 285 KB) is available (Version 1, September 2021)

A supplementary addendum has also been developed for the Intensive Family Support program (PDF, 581 KB) Intensive Family Support program (DOCX, 817 KB) (Version 1, March 2022)

For more information

For more information on output-based funding all non-government organisations should contact their Contract Officer.

Archived versions

Previous versions of the outputs catalogue can be accessed from the archive page. If you have any queries or wish to provide feedback on the catalogue, please email FSACO_Mailbox@cyjma.qld.gov.au