Child and family

We work in partnership with other Queensland Government departments, non-government organisations, and the broader community to deliver high-quality child protection services.

We are focussed on maintaining and strengthening the effectiveness of our partnerships, through joint planning and local networking, to allow us to provide child protection services to vulnerable children and their families.

  • Our community partners

    Non-government organisations work in partnership with Child Safety Services to deliver services or programs to children, young people and families throughout Queensland.

  • Our government partners

    The Director of Child Protection Litigation is an independent statutory agency in the Department of Justice and Attorney-General portfolio established to make decisions as to which matters will be the subject of a child protection order application and what type of child protection order will be sought, as well as litigate the applications.

  • Child safety licensing

    Incorporated organisations delivering placement services to children subject to statutory child protection intervention are required to be licensed.

  • Resources and publications

    List of partner resources available.