Licensing process

Pre-licensing Human Services Quality Framework certification

Organisations must be incorporated, delivering care services, deemed to be in scope of licensing and certified under the Human Services Quality Framework. The department will then invite the organisation to apply for a care service licence.

Licensing process

The licensing process starts once an organisation is delivering care services, is deemed to be in scope for licensing and then becomes certified under the Human Services Quality Framework and is structured under the four legislated phases of licensing as outlined below:

1. application for a licence

  • An organisation is invited to apply for a licence following successful certification of relevant child safety care services against the Human Services Quality Framework.
  • The department accepts the application as properly made if it meets legislated requirements outlined in Section 125 of the Child Protection Act 1999.

2. assessment of the application

  • The department gathers and reviews information to support the assessment of the application. This includes the Human Services Quality Framework audit report, details of any complaints and standards of care concerns that have occurred in the previous 12 months, and information on the suitability of relevant people associated with the care service.
  • The organisation is given an opportunity to respond to this information before the application is progressed to the departmental licensing delegate to make a licence decision.

3. the licence application decision

4. monitoring compliance with licensing requirements.

  • The department works with each licensed organisation to develop a licence monitoring schedule and monitors corporate governance and individual care services covered by the licence.
  • The organisation must undergo recertification against the Human Services Quality Framework in enough time to submit a licence renewal application at least 30 days before their licence expires.

For further information on the licensing process contact Child Safety Licensing on (07) 3097 5905 or at