Our government partners

Department of Education

We partner with the Department of Education to provide quality education to support school-age children who are in care.

Queensland Health

We partner with Queensland Health to provide quality health services to children in care.

Queensland Police Service

We partner with the Queensland Police to respond jointly where a child protection matter may also include the commission of a criminal offence.

  • Evolve Program

    Evolve Therapeutic Services (ETS) is a Queensland Health tertiary mental health service, providing mental health assessment and intervention to meet the therapeutic needs of children and young people in care.

  • Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) Team System

    The purpose of the SCAN team system is to enable a coordinated, multi-agency response to children where statutory intervention is required to assess and meet their protection needs.

  • The Director of Child Protection Litigation

    The Director of Child Protection Litigation is an independent statutory agency in the Department of Justice and Attorney-General portfolio established to make decisions as to which matters will be the subject of a child protection order application and what type of child protection order will be sought, as well as litigate the applications.

  • Child Protection guide

    The Child Protection Guide (CPG) is a web-based decision support tool collaboratively developed across both the government and non-government sector.