Documents accessed prior to November 2020

File numberTerms summaryApplicantOther entityDecision dateAccess dateDocuments
DL200All correspondence, including emails, memos and briefing notes between particular dates to and from certain departmental officers in relation to Investigation and Assessment backlog issues. Ros Bate MP30 June 201730 June 2017
DL218Documents relating to the Partners in Care workshops held from May to July 2017.Ros Bates MP3 November 20173 November 2017
DL244Documents provided to the current and former Youth Justice Minister regarding a recent decision and reasons for this decision, briefing notes, warnings and risk assessments and potential liability. All documents created for the media strategy and announcement by Minister Farmer of the decision. Matt WordsworthABC News 12 April 201812 April 2018
DL248All documents relevant to the visit by Minister Farmer to the Cleveland Youth Detention Centre on 23 January 2018, including any directions, instructions or guidelines given to staff to prepare for the visit, protocol for requests and notes of the visit. Peter Coulson27 April 201827 April 2018
DL272· Any correspondence to and from Ministers/Ministerial Offices relating to progress/submission/cancellation of the Youth Sexual Violence and Abuse Steering Committee final report (report); and · Any correspondence to and from the Committee relating to progress /submission/cancellation of the report.Peter Coulson10 September 201810 September 2018
DL283For the 2017 to 2018 financial year, documents and/or reports showing the total spending on office renovations across the department including but not limited to new office furniture purchased in the last financial year.Josh BavasABC News12 November 201812 November 2018
DL286For the 2017 to 2018 financial year, documents regarding any technical issues (either interruption and/or greater problems) and/or privacy concerns with the implementation and subsequent operation of the 'Our Child portal'.Josh BavasABC News11 December 201811 December 2018
DL289For the period 1 January to 26 November 2018, audits (limited to the final audit if in existence), reports, ministerial and executive briefing notes (including attachments) relating to overcrowding of youth detention centres and transfers between youth detention centres and watchhouses.Alison SandySeven Network Limited24 January 201915 February 2019
DL294For the period 1 June 2018 to 30 November 2018, the registers of undressed searches conducted at the youth detention centre or, if the registers do not exist, documents regarding the number of searches, the gender and Indigenous status of those searches and the umber and nature of items located as a result of the searches and any documents that provide guidance on the conduct of undressed searches of detainees at the youth detention centres including instructions, manuals, guidelines, policies and directives. Ruth BarsonHuman Rights Law Centre31 January 201931 January 2019
DL295For the period 1 January 2014 to 13 December 2018 documents relating to: · the names of any publications/publication genres (including books, magazines, plays, poems, documents), musical artists, songs, films, TV shows, websites or computer games that young people in Queensland youth detention centres are prohibited from accessing; and · the names of any publications seized by youth detention centre staff.Patrick BillingsThe Courier Mail1 February 20191 February 2019
DL304For the 2018 calendar year, documents containing a list of office renovations including the cost and a description or the work done.Josh BavasABC News14 March 201914 March 2019
DL324For the period 1 January to 10 July 2019, briefing notes and correspondence in relation to the Government Boards appointment processes and meeting procedures to ensure gender diverse membership of the Mining Safety and Health Advisory Committee.Peter Coulson1 October 20191 October 2019
DL337For the financial years 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16, 2017/18 and 2018/19, Child Safety data regarding the number of: - intakes (child concern reports and notifications); - children subject to a child concern report; - children subject to a notification; - substantiations (in need of protection and not in need of protection); - children subject to substantiations; - children subject to ongoing intervention; - children subject to protective orders; - children living away from home; relating to the 4870 postcode. Sharnie KimABC News16 December 201916 December 2019
DL345Institution files in relation to Eidsvold Family Group Home located in Moreton Street, Eidsvold between 1 January 1970 and 30 December 1979Sean Gomes, Churches of Christ in Queensland16 October 202029 October 2020
DL346For the period 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2019: 1. In relation to tender process DCSYW035: a. documents regarding the approval for the open tender process b. ministerial correspondence in relation to the open tender 2. Visitation sign in book in relation to Ministerial visits to the Mount Isa Investment and Partnership office 3. Documents in relation to the approval for an open tender process of any Youth Housing and Re-Integration Service (excluding Mount Isa) Alvin Hava; Young People Ahead8 September 20208 September 2020
DL349Documents in relation to complaints raised by the Office of the Public Guardian in accordance with the Memoranda of Understanding for the period 1 July 2017 to 1 July 2020Kate McKenna; ABC News20 November 20203 December 2020